Mother’s Day 2023: History, Celebration, and Gift Ideas

If you want to surprise your mother on Mother’s Day, a gold accessory is best for her. You can give your mother many gifts on this special occasion, but giving a gold accessory makes the day even more special. Manjil Designs can be your best option for purchasing the gold accessory collection. This article details how you can surprise your mother on this special occasion.

Happy Mothers Day

When is Mother’s Day 2023?

Mother’s Day 2023 Internationally is celebrated on May 14th, Sunday. This day is an appreciation to all the great moms worldwide for motherhood. Everyone celebrates this day differently as per their family traditions. Some children give colorful and beautiful flowers; some may write an appreciation letter to her, and some might even make a handmade gift to improve her day. This special day to appreciate all the mothers around the world. Being a mom is appreciatable, and this day is the best day to express your love to your mom wholeheartedly.

History of Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day has a great history from ancient Roman and Greek. In the olden days, festivals are held in honor of Goddess Rhea and Cybele’s motherhood. The first name of this festival is ‘Mothering Sunday.’ Over time, this Mothering Sunday has become an official Day for moms to appreciate them. On this day, children try to present their mothers with gifts.

Best gift ideas for Mother’s Day:

There are many ways to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day. The best way is to gift her some gold accessories. Gold is always a precious accessory, and it is worth the surprise. A Gold Necklace with Earrings, Pendant with her name, simple and elegant earrings, Bangles, etc., are some best gold accessories you can give her. Not only gold jewelry but silver is also the best option. Gift her a pair of beautiful silver Anklets and make her day special. Manjil Designs is your destination to gift your mom on this special day. Our store has an amazing jewelry collection that is customizable.

If you think gold is expensive, try to give her some silver idols made of high-quality silver with great finishing. A silver idol with a heartful letter makes the gift heart-warming. A coffee cup with her name looks beautiful and reminds you every time she drinks her coffee. A good elegant saree is always the best choice to present Indian moms. Write an appreciation letter to her along with any of the gift that makes the current event more beautiful.

What day is Mother’s Day?

Every year Mother’s Day is the second Sunday of May and in 2023 falls on May 14th, Sunday. This is not a public holiday in any country but a special day internationally. It gives you a chance to show your affection to your mom. You can express your gratitude and love. Everyone has their way of showing gratitude and love; use your ways to make your mom’s day special.


What is the best gift for Mother’s Day?

The best gift is always giving something with sincerity. Still, a gold accessory, coffee cups, bouquets, letters, or saree can make your mom happy on a special occasion.

When is Mother’s Day in 2023?

May 14th, Sunday.

Is this day internationally celebrated?

This day is dedicated to moms as appreciation and is celebrated internationally.

What day is Mother’s Day?

Every 2nd Sunday of May is International Mother’s Day.